Peru amazon excursion to Pacaya Samiria reserve 5 Days

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  • Start In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Finish In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Duration :4 Days
  • Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Ages :11 - 73 year olds
  • Group size :11 Pax
  • Tour code :IQUIT5dPACA
  • Activities :
  • Attractions :
  • Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (4 nights)
  • Meals :4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Transport :Boat,Mini Van, Canoe
  • Language :English - Spanish
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Tour Map

  • Car to Nauta, motorboat to river Marañon, to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
  • Lunch on arrival. Watch egrets, hawks, find Amazon river dolphins
  • Excursion via canoe to catch caiman, Overnight in tents in Pacaya Samiria Reserve
  • Departure from campsite.3 hours by motor boat to see dolphins on Marañon river
  • Arrival to campsite set up to Pacaya Samiria reserve
  • Embark on a nighttime nature walk, Overnight in Tents Pacaya Samiria
  • Last excursion to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. By riverboat, pink river dolphins
  • Arrive to campsite, hike on Pacaya Samiria, pink river dolphins, some lagoons
  • Boat downriver towards Iquitos city. Watch birds, included cotingas, macaws
  • Excursion to Yanaquillo Creek to see Crimson Macaw, the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
  • Night excursion by boat, overnight in tents in Pacaya Samiria Reserve

Day 1
Morning hours departure from Iquitos Town via personal auto to arrive on the port town of Nauta (1:30 hours). Breakfast served.

Departure in personal motorboat we will travelling upriver, passing the spectacular appointment of 2 key rivers (Ucayali & Marañon) which come together to create the Amazon River.

Upstream boating about the Marañabout River in to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (50 miles SW / approximately 2 hours . 5 from Nauta).

Passenger identification in the reserve’s access check-stage. Arrival in the Arequipa network where the 1st camp will be setup.

Lunch will end up being served after arrival.

Watch various species of birds on the way, including egrets, hawks, horned screamers, jacanas, parrots and parakeets. Additionally it is possible to observe Amazon River dolphins.

After sunset we will continue an excursion via canoe to identify and catch caiman, we could have the possibility to hold, touch, and take photographs with the caiman.

Come back to Camp for supper.

Overnight in tents in Pacaya Samiria Reserve.


Day 2
Morning hours breakfast will be served accompanied by departure campsite. We will cruise the Rio Marañon for approximately 3 time until we reach our vacation spot (Shansho Cocha Lake location). Through the riverboat trip you’ll have a great probability of witnessing primates, reptiles, turtles, birds, pink river dolphins, and several different species of flora/fauna along the riverbank.

Arrival for campsite set up and lunch.

A thing that immediately catches our interest is the dark waters of the rivers, which reflects with this identical graphic, the sky, the clouds, the bank’s vegetation, the enormous trees, that the travelers have the feeling of vacationing between mirrors; that is why the Pacaya Samiria is usually many times known as the “jungle of the mirrors”.

Afternoon angling for piranha, peacock bass and other species of seafood in the reserve.

We will go back to camp to have evening meal.

Immediately after dinner we will embark on a nighttime nature walk to see what forms of species is seen (lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys).

Overnight in Tents found in Pacaya Samiria Reserve.


Day 4
Morning hours breakfast will be served accompanied by a morning departure in our boat, we will commence to make our in the past on the direction downriver towards Iquitos city.

Watch birds because they keep their nests to get their meals on the river, included in this cotingas, macaws, parrots and Harpy (Harpia harpyja).

Excursion to Yanaquillo Creek to identify squirrel monkeys (Saimiri boliviensis), saddle rear tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis) and sloths (Bradypus variegatus).

We will minimize and start to see the giant Lupuna (Ceiba pentandra), Capirona, and Capinurí (Heliocóstilis scabra) trees and in addition eye-getting birds as the Toucan (Pteroglossus), the Crimson Macaw (Ara macao), the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna), the fantastic Egret (Egreta alba) and the Amazon Kingfisher (Chloroceryle amazona).

Midday we will minimize to have our lunch time.

During the night time after dinner, we can make a night excursion by boat to find the many species of nocturnal pets; this as well gives us the pleasurable possibility to hear the symphony of looks that originates from the forest during the night.

Overnight in tents in Pacaya Samiria Reserve.



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