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You can ask for any particular information regarding the peruvian Amazon rainforest included Tambopata Natural Reserve, Manu national Park, Iquitos or any other jungle area in Peru. We will assist you any enquiry in short office working hour

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We work with local People and Jungle born folks

We have been working for about 20 years in Peru Jungle regions, collaborating with many people and have experience many river floats, gave and received support from Puerto Maldonado people. We are a medium size tour company committed with the sustainable tourism

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Primary of this Item is usually to get travelers considering about what organisms live in the tropical rain woodland and how habitat damage has an effect on where they live, how they live, plus possibly the survival of the species.

Understand the biodiversity and make clear that the Amazon rain woodland is the most biodiverse place on Earth..

Yet, this biodiversity is vulnerable due to human activity. Clarify to students that these people will explore biodiversity in the Amazon to try in order to understand why it really is therefore important to protect. Tell students that the objective of this activity is usually for them to construct a spat for protecting biodiversity from the ., Amazon rain forest.

Explain to visitors that they will certainly go in small organizations to find out about regions of the particular Amazon rain forest.

To concentrate on how the vegetation and animals interact with other organisms in the forest because they know the particular Animals and Plants in the Amazon Rain Woodland. they will explore different areas (north, west, east) of Peru Amazon rainfall forest.

Recall the clear-cutting found in Peru from the beginning of the activity and share some of the real-environment threats to the rainfall forest: human development, deforestation because of logging and cattle ranching, infrastructure development, hydroelectric vitality projects, and others.

Focusing on jungle region, To make the population consider the consequences of habitat destruction to the plants and animals to protect the biodiversity of the Amazon rain forest.

Why it is necessary to protect biodiversity in the Amazon rain forest.

Remind Visitors that the reality they collected from their exploration of the Geography and Wildlife of the Amazon Basin.

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Who we are

Peru Amazon tours is a tour operator firm established Peruvian-owned jungle specialist in Tambopata Herbal reserve operating since end 1999, aiming at satisfying our clientele’ wants in the simplest way conceivable. Despite our brief lifetime, we has a long experience in traveling all over the world and in tourism throughout Peru, especially in jungle trips to Tambopata reserve.
Tambopata reserve tours has been made up of the will to provide an improved and differentiated service to all tourists arriving to Peru and Peruvian jungle.
The Tambopata reserve tours team comprises enthusiastic, efficient and professional people, all are from the jungle and willing that will help you and make the most out of your visit to Peruvian jungle.
Our jungle guides are fully mindful that a fantastic guide is paramount to help to make your trip an unforgettable experience, which explains why we are more demanding with our staff than any tourist could possibly be. Our team is composed of among the best courses in your community, all officially licensed and owning Tourism Degrees. The superiority of we is backed both by excellent tourist reports


What we do and Mision

We organice jungle trips and excursions for travelers looking for a nature experience; making  the visitor feel the ideal interpretation about environment preservation and conservation and sustained tourism walong with the indigenous Amazon people.
We’d like to become a sample to follow as eco-tourism operator company committed with environmental coverage, ecotourism way of life and sustained development of native communities in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest.

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