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Tambopata Yellow fever, Malaria or any disease risk

Tambopata, yellow fever, malaria or any disease risk
Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as malaria (Malaria lives in the jungle and cycles through wild animals.) When people start working in these areas, whether to extract chestnuts or extract minerals, they can contract the disease when they are bitten by mosquitoes: If the person who gets the disease reaches the city, it can spread through mosquito bites in the city), malaria is more frequent in the jungles of northern Peru
Yellow fever is avoided through vaccination and the use of repellents.
And dengue are quite common in the tropical areas of Peru. Mosquitoes are very active at dawn and dusk. Use high-resistance insect repellent, mosquito repellent spirals and mosquito nets at night. Spray your clothes with a permethrin-based spray, even during the day. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, a hat and shoes to protect yourself. Antimalarial pills are recommended for travelers who visit the Amazon, however, there is no vaccine for dengue, a viral infection with flu-like symptoms.
Do not underestimate the power of the sun. Wear a hat, sunscreen SPF of 15 or more, sunglasses and avoid the midday sun. Although it can feel fresh, the sun is very intense. Drink plenty of water to protect yourself from dehydration.

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