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If you plan to make an expedition beyond the limited road network that surrounds Iquitos, you must take an organized trip with a lodge operator, a river cruise or hire an independent guide. Large local entrepreneurs have a lot of control in the market, and even the few guides that remain more or less independent are difficult to negotiate, since much of their work comes from the larger agents. That said, most of them have well-developed itineraries, although you should always deal with an established company or agent (check which sets are registered at the tourism office in Iquitos) and insist on a contract and written receipt. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of scammers among the many street vendors in the city, some of which display quality brochures that belong to companies with which they are not really affiliated. Under no circumstances should you hand over the money until you are 100{c0703f7f9c2066f1973534d24c719b55597fc2c19666777f4898692757df1612} sure of who you are dealing with. A general rule is that any expedition of less than five days is unlikely to offer more wildlife than some birds, some monkeys and maybe a crocodile if you are lucky; Any serious attempt to visit the virgin forest and see the wildlife in its natural habitat requires a week or more. That said, if Iquitos is your primary contact with Amazon and is unlikely to return here, you can rent a boat for an overnight trip of more than $ 40-50 per person. A group in low season could well negotiate a trip of three days for only $ 30 per person per day, although there will be little guarantee of quality at this price. One or two of the smaller campsites sometimes offer deals as low as $ 30, but make sure they provide all the facilities you need. There is an almost infinite amount of jungle to explore rewardingly in any direction from Iquitos, and one of the least visited but nevertheless interesting areas, at least in terms of being relatively accessible and still intact and wild, is located east of Iquitos. and the Brazilian Border However, it is difficult to access this region without the help of a local guide and / or travel company; The public boats that sail this stretch of the Amazon River rarely stop and certainly do not allow time for passengers to explore. If you want to stop and spend some time here,

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