Peru Amazon jungle Iquitos experience tour 4 Days

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  • Start In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Finish In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Duration :4 Days
  • Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Ages :11 - 73 year olds
  • Group size :11 Pax
  • Tour code :IQUIT4dLODG
  • Activities :Canopy Walk, River Boat, Canoe rigeing
  • Attractions :Sandoval Lake, , Monkey Island,
  • Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (3 nights)
  • Meals :3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners
  • Transport :Boat,Mini Van, Canoe
  • Language :English - Spanish
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Tour Map

  • To Nanay (Bellavista), boat 2 hours, Monkey Island opportunity to hold large Anacondas
  • Pink freshwater dolphin watching; opportunity to swim with them on Amazon River
  • Nocturnal nature hike to find (lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys). Overnight at Maniti Lodge
  • Excursion by boat on Amazon river to watch wild animals
  • Excursion by boat fish piranha, catfish & other species of fish
  • Canoe excursion to hold, touch, cayman and take photographs, overnight at Maniti Lodge
  • Jungle hike to lookout point “Palo Alto”, possibility to spend the night
  • Hiking, canoe drive in lagoon, fishing (based on request from passenger)
  • Night walk, Overnight at best observation deck of Palo Alto tent or in hammocks)
  • Jungle hike to see a multitude of monkeys, Departure to Iquitos City
  • Visit to native Indian tribe, market of Belen. Canoe on Belén, on Itaya River
  • Transfer to airport resort, end of service

Day 1
Morning hours departure from Iquitos Metropolis via auto to reach in the port community of Nanay (Bellavista), where in fact the Rio Nanay meets the Rio Amazonas. After departing by boat we will travelling downriver 70 KM (about 2 hours). Through the riverboat trip we could have a great likelihood of discovering caimans, turtles, herons, pink river dolphins, snakes, and several additional species of flora/fauna along the riverbank.

Monkey Island – a tiny island about a quarter-hour from the Maniti Lodge, which shelters a sizable number of monkeys within their natural habitat. Throughout your go to on the island you should have the unique possibility to observe and connect to a multitude of monkeys that involve: Sloth, Goeldi’s monkey, Tamarin monkey, Capuchin monkey, Yellow-Handed Titi monkey, Masked Titi monkey, Cebidae monkey, Wooly monkey, Squirrel monkey, Spider monkey, South American Coati monkey, and more! Along with the many species of monkeys you will need to chance to hold large Anacondas, Boas and connect to the unique and exceptional Amazonian mata-mata turtle. At Monkey Island we may also observe alligators, turtles, toucans, macaws, parrots, etc.

Dolphin watching program at the camp where we could have the unique possibility to start to see the pink freshwater dolphin. If we happen to be lucky we may also have the opportunity to swim with them on the key Amazon River.

At night we will embark on a nocturnal nature hike to check out what forms of species is seen (lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys).

Overnight at Maniti Lodge


Day 2
We will get started our day early, getting up in period to start to see the sunrise above the Amazon River, and we will keep the camp to be on a creature observation excursion (via boat) where could have the possibility to see pairs numerous kinds of nature.

Afternoon angling excursion via boat with possibility to capture piranha, catfish & other species of fish.

Looking at of Victoria Regia – the most significant freshwater aquatic plant on earth.

After sunset we will continue an excursion via canoe to identify and catch caiman, we could have the possibility to hold, touch, and take photographs with the caiman.

Overnight at Maniti Lodge


Day 4
Morning hours jungle hike where we could have the unique possibility to see a multitude of monkeys, birds, and several other wildlife within their all natural habitat. We may also see and find out about numerous kinds of Amazonian plants.

Departure from Maniti Lodge with vacation spot Iquitos City.

Visit with an area native Indian tribe to understand and observe about record and their customs.

Upon arrival to Iquitos we will go to the market of Belen.

Non-public Canoe ride through the floating market of Belén, on the edge of the Itaya River.

Transfer to airport/resort, end of service.


Hotels included on this tour