Manu Macaw clay lick from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (Bus In/Out) 6 Days

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  • Start In :CUSCO Airport or Hotel
  • Finish In :CUSCO office or Hotel
  • Duration :6 Days
  • Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Ages :All Ages 04 Yld
  • Group size :11 Pax
  • Tour code :MANU6dBS-BS
  • Activities :Birdwatching, , Observation tower, , ,
  • Attractions :Macaw clay lick, Otorongo Lagoon, Salvador Lake, ,
  • Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (5 nights)
  • Meals :5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Transport :Bus, Motor Boat, Dugout Canoe
  • Language :English - Spanish

Tour Map

Peru Amazon tours
Hotel pick up at 5:30-6:00 a.m. Am on special bus. Reaching 3750msnm Paucartambo village folk, colonial bridge. Acjanaco with over 4000 msnm. See the cock-of-the-rock in the courtship of mating.
  • Visit the funeral towers or Chullpas of Ninamarca
  • Paucartambo village, Acjanaco, observe the cock-of-the-rock
  • Overnight in Pilcopata ecolodge
Trip by bus for 45 minute to see coca plantations, fruit trees and orchids, boat to Madre de Dios river, stop in warm natural waters, visit the native community of Diamante followed by village of Boca Manu (280 m.n.m.)
  • Watchtower, coca plantations, fruits and hot medicinal baths
  • Visit the Native community of Diamante
  • Motor boat to Boca Manu village
Early morning acces to Manu reserved area to observe the biodiversity. Boat ride to Cocha Otorongo campsite (250 masl) climb an observation tower of 30 meters to watch the giant river otter.
  • Motor boat to Reserve area observe wildlife
  • Visit the Otorongo lagoon campsite
  • Observation tower of 30 meters and camping
Trip 30 minutes from Salvador lagoon, to Otorongo lagoon, go paddling quietly in canoe to observe the giant river otters, monkeys of different species. In the evening return to Otorongo lagoon for camping on platforms with roof.
  • Hike visits Cocha Salvador, Paddle to see giant Otter
  • Otorongo lagoon ride set up camp
  • Camping night on platforms optional night walk.
Trip to the imposing Manu and Madre de Dios River, go very close to the impressive Macaw clay lick, walk to explore the various trails around the ecolodge, Night in lodge with private bathrooms.
  • River trip in Madre de Dios to Macaw Clay lick
  • Walk to explore the various trails around the ecolodge
  • Overnight in ecolodge with private bathrooms
Travel by boat to observe the colorful Macaw clay lick from a platform or catamaran, boat until puerto Colorado 3 hours and then we will take the vehicles to Puerto Carlo, bus continue until cusco arriving approximately 9 pm.
  • River boat to Macaw clay lick show
  • Bus continue until Cusco city
  • Arriving to Cusco for hotel drop off


DAY 1: We start the tours of Cusco at very early hours of the day. Time: 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. I group the tourists of the hotel in our comfortable bus. During the tour we visited the funerary towers or Chullpas de Ninamarca at 3750 masl and short visit of Paucartambo folklore town, colonial bridge. We go to the upper part of Paucartambo. Acjanaco is the highest point at 4000 masl. We go to the lower part of the mysterious cloud forest, where flora and fauna full of beautiful orchids, heliconias, shrubs and primitive ferns are protected. We make a tour to appreciate the Cock of the Rocks (Rupicola peruviana) in the river ridge.
We find them in the high jungle. There is also the possibility of observing Trogones (Trogón sp.), Quetzals, monkeys and the only bear of South America, the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus). At dusk we arrive at the HOSTEL, in Pilcopata (550 m.n.m.) in our typical hostel in the area with hot water in the showers and private bathroom.



DAY 2: After the exquisite breakfast we continue with our 45 minute trip by bus to watchtower on the way we can see coca plantations, fruit trees and orchids, we get on a motorized boat to take a tour of the Madre de Dios river, In the course we can witness a variety of birds, such as herons, Kingfisher and always the amazing presence of the vultures of which the most spectacular is the condor of the jungle, the king of vultures (Sarcoramphus papa) and the Jaguar ( Pantera Onca) we also have a stop in the warm natural waters, to take medicinal baths, and if we still have time we visit the Native community of Diamante to see their house constructions and see the wild fruits they have. In the afternoon we arrive at the village of Boca Manu (280 m.n.m.) where we have the availability of hostels with showers and toilets.



DAY 3: After breakfast we enter the reserve area where we will have more opportunity to observe the biodiversity offered by the manu, with a vreve stop in the control of park rangers (Limonal). The boat ride continues and one begins to realize that Manu is famous for its diverse flora, fauna and wildlife. At the beginning of the banks of the river there are large groups of turtles, white, black and dwarf alligators (Cayman cocodrylus) or perhaps some ronsocos (Hydrochoerus, hydrochaeris) and many more species of animals.
 In the afternoon we arrive at our campsite in Cocha Otorongo, (250 masl) Double and single beds soon after we coordinate to take a walk to visit the lake and the observation tower of 30 meters from where we have the opportunity to observe the wolves of River. In the Manu the animals have never suffered hunting persecution by men because it is a protected area.



DAY 4: Today we visit Cocha Salvador which is 30 minutes from Cocha Otorongo. On this day they explore the route inside the virgin primary forest, We visit the lake to paddle calmly on a raft that gives us the possibility to observe the wolves of the river and a variety of strange birds, the sultana cock (Porphyrula Martinica or Garza Agami) ( Agamia) and monkeys of different species are usually 9. Later we made a small walk through a small passage with the guide to learn the operation and secrets of the tropical forest.In the afternoon we returned to our camp in Cocha Otorongo.
Camping night on platforms with roofs and bed with mosquito protection canopy Showers and shared bathrooms available. We have an optional night walk.


Day 05. OTOROGO LAGOON, BLANQUILLO (Macaw Clay lick)

DAY 5: After a pleasant breakfast we continue with our trip in the imposing Manu and Madre de Dios River, until we reach the ecolodge that is very close to the impressive Collpa de Guacamayos, where we will have a walk to explore the various trails around the ecolodge where we will spend the night, Night in lodge with private bathrooms.



DAY 6: After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, we will continue with our itinerary traveling by boat to observe the colorful macaw clay lick. We will observe from a platform or catamaran typical of the area a spectacular bird show, of great variety, then we will take the boat until puerto colorado approximately 3 hours and then we will take the vehicles to Puerto Carlo, OPTIONAL passengers who want to come by bus continue until cusco arriving approximately 9 pm on the way we make stops at interesting places to see up close the snowy Ausangate reaching 6300 meters above sea level and we leave them at your hotel and the other passengers who wish to take the flight from Puerto Maldonado continue the trip to the city of Puerto Maldonado.

Manu Green Lodge
Paujil Campsite
Questions & Answers

What time does this tour depart from Puerto Maldonado and arrive back in?

Arriving by bus?

  • For people arriving by bus we start at 8:30 a.m  departing from our office in Puerto Maldonado

Arriving by Plane?

  • The first plane arriving to Puerto Maldonado is around 10:00 am and the last plane arrives at 4 p.m , so our first group will start the tour around 11:20
  • For peope arriving later than 12:00 pm we will start tour around 1:00 p.m, for LATAM  airlines arriving at 4:00 p.m we will start thetour as soon as posible

Already in Puerto Maldonado?

  • For people that are already in a hotel the pick up will be around 8:00 a.m and start tour at 8:30 a.m approximately

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What to bring for this 4 days tambopata tour?

Amazon Rainforest  suggested list excursion

  • Backpack rain cove
  • Mesh laundry bag
  • Toiletry bag with hygiene essentials
  • one quart largemouth water bottles (we will provide you with water so you can refill it any time)
  • Small headlamp with a L.E.D. bulb & extra batteries
  • water shoes ( We will provide you with rubber boots at Jungle Lodge)
  • Chaco o Teva type sandals
  • 1 bottle of DEET bug repellent
  • 1 bottle of sun screen (waterproof)
  • Clothing
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 4 pairs of underwear
  • 1 bathing suits
  • 2 shorts
  • 1 rain jacket or plastic poncho
  • 1 long sleeve shirts
  • 4 short sleeve shirts
  • winter jacket and shell
  • 1 sweatshirts or sweaters
  • wide brim hat

Pocket size English/Spanish dictionary
Guide book for Peru (lonely planet, rough guide, or similar) At least 1 novel  to read
Optional Gear:

  • 1 set Gore-Tex (or similar waterproof breathable material) pants and jacket storm gear
  • Watch with alarm
  • snorkel, fins, mask
  • approach or summer hiking boot
  • Sunglasses
  • digital camera
Useful things to know before you go

Currencies accepted:

  • S/. Sol
  • $/. Dollar


There are no vaccines required to enter Peru.  If you decide to take medicines. These are suggested indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel.

    Recommended for Peru. Normally 2 months before travel.
  • For RABIES
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 1 month before travel.
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 10 days before travel.


  • Depending on the accommodation in the jungle, electricity hours are limited during the day, most hotels offer several hours in the evening, usually until 10 pm, allowing travelers to charge their personal items.
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