Amazon river expedition Jungle tribe, piranha fishing 4 Days

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  • Start In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Finish In :IQUITOS Airport or Hotel
  • Duration :4 Days
  • Phisical Demand :Medium
  • Ages :All Ages 04 Yld
  • Group size :11 Pax
  • Tour code :IQUIT4dtrapi
  • Activities :Fishing, Jungle walk, Canoe rowing, , ,
  • Attractions :Monkey Island, Nanay port, Anacondas holding, ,
  • Accommodation :Jungle Lodge (2 nights)
  • Meals :3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Transport :Car, Motor Boat, Dugout Canoe
  • Language :English - Spanish

Tour Map

Peru Amazon tours
Day 1 Morning car to Nanay and Amazon river, After departing by boat 70 KM (about 2 hours). Monkey Island. In the afternoon angling excursion via boat If lucky see pink dolphin on Amazon River. At night embark on a nocturnal nature trip
  • Airport pick up anytime before 2:00 pm or at 9:00 from hotel
  • Amazon River to visit Monkey Island
  • Afternoon jungle hike night boat ride in the jungle
Visit to native community later traditional jungle fishing to capture piranha & other species of fish. After sunset via canoe to identify and spot black caimans
  • Birdwatching, visit a indigenous tribe the Yaguas
  • Afternoon native fishing and chance to see pink river dolphin
  • Night walk 30 minutes of walking, we return to the Lodge
River boat to see giant water lily, Victoria Regia, birds and many other wild animals, afternoon go to a family farm for suggar cane distillery and try exotic drinks
  • River boat to Yanamono Island to see Queen of Water Lilies
  • River to a family farm for a Trapiche sugar cane distillery
  • Try exotic drinks before take home for you or as a gift.
  • Rafting tour on the Amazon river paddle on the largest river
  • Lunch and return to city transfer to hotel or airport
Peru amazon Monkey Piranha Cayman Natives
Peru amazon Monkey Piranha Dolphin Natives
Peru amazon Monkey Piranha Cayman Natives


Day 01:
We wait for you at the main gate of the international airport of Iquitos, where our staff will assist you and transfer you to our office in the city of Iquitos. An informative session about our services, what to do and what not to do in the jungle and some essential tips that can be a comfortable stay._x000D_
Shortly after, you will move to the port of Iquitos, where you will board one of our speedboats to carry out the Eco Lodge along the Amazon River._x000D_
During the boat ride, observe the remarkable convergence of the murky and brown waters of the Amazon River with the dark waters of the Nanay River. Enjoy the impressive jungle landscapes with the rustic houses of the riverside villages._x000D_
Then we will visit Monkey Island (in the dry season you will visit Fundo Pedrito), a family social enterprise focused on the conservation and protection of endangered species of monkeys in the north of the Amazon. The goal is to raise awareness among the rainforest guests in the effort to reintegrate the monkeys into captivity, back to nature. See the free monkeys in this reserve, not in cages. The permanence of them depends on their capacity for the recipients of a new habitat in the jungle._x000D_
After a 60-minute boat ride, we arrive at the lodge where our staff has it with an exotic jungle drink. Then, select and accommodate in your room, to your liking. Then he lost his first lunch of Amazonian cuisine._x000D_
In the afternoon, we will go on a jungle hike in the Yanamono primary forest reserve, for approximately two hours accompanied by our naturalist guides. They will identify and identify several species of flora, such as heliconia flowers,_x000D_
Medicinal plants and giant trees. We will also have the opportunity to see several species of birds such as the Turkey Vulture, the black-faced Nanbird, and with a little luck you can see a family of small monkeys such as the marmosets, the Titi and the squirrel monkey._x000D_
We return to the lodge to rest and relax and be captivated by your first sunset on Amazon that you should not miss. As you approach the darkness of the night, take a boat ride on one of the tributaries of the Amazon River for an exciting night in the jungle. Without lights, jungle flora and fauna shine along the riverbank. Your naturalist guide will take you where you can succeed and listen to the magical sounds of the jungle. If it is a clear night, you will see the bright moonlight and observe the stars and constellations. With a little luck, you can also see some shooting stars that are quite common in the area. Then return to the Lodge to rest and relax to get up early the next day._x000D_



Day 2: Heliconia Amazon River Lodge (B, L, D)

Birdwatching in the morning to see the birds together together during their morning feeding time. You will start very early by boat to one of several streams to observe a variety of Amazonian birds. You can see birds like (Jacana Jacana), Kingfisher (Ceryle-Torquata), Black-necked Hawk, among others. From then on, return to the lodge, for a delicious and energizing breakfast.

After a break you will visit a riverside town to see an indigenous tribe from the Yaguas community where they will have the opportunity to learn and see their way of life along the Amazon River. See their homes, school, church, stores. Interact with people, learn their fishing and farming techniques. Observe their customs and tradition, and illuminated with their austere and non-limited way of life.

In the afternoon, you will embark on a native fishing expedition to one of the small tributaries of the Amazon River. Learn local fishing techniques and for the most daring you can try to fish piranhas. If you are lucky, you will have your fish ready for lunch when you return to the Lodge. During this excursion you can also have the opportunity to observe the pink river dolphin (Inia Geoffrensis). Return to the lodge for lunch.

At night, consider the night walk. Take a lovely night walk within the safe periphery of the Lodge and witness the fascinating transformation of the day to night environment. As you adapt to the dark environment, you will appreciate that the rainforest acquires a very different character and will be aware of the existence and habits of the nocturnal animals of the jungle. It is the best time to see impressive tree frogs, shy snakes and other rainforest creatures that only come out at night. Keep in mind the great difference between the creatures and the night with those of the completely distinctive day of the day while listening to magical sounds of insects, birds, jungle cats and night owls. After 30 minutes of walking, we return to the Lodge for dinner.



Day 3:
Enjoy a delicious breakfast before boarding the boat to a lake on Yanamono Island, where you can see the giant water lily, Victoria Regia, the "Queen of Water Lilies". Now renamed Victoria Amazonica, this native flora in the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin is mainly found in lakes and swamps. You may see some white flowers as they bloom the first night, some that have turned pink the second night after flowering.

They can grow up to 40 cm in diameter and are pollinated by beetles. Victoria Amazonica is known for its huge circular leaves, which are often depicted with a small child sitting in the center of its sheet to show its size and strength. Return to the lodge for lunch.
In the afternoon, we will travel by boat for ten minutes along the Amazon River to a family farm for a Trapiche (sugarcane alcohol extracted by roller).

Try directly from a rustic sugar cane distillery located along the river. Notice how the locals process the sugarcane extracts with horses and then ferment the sugar juice in wooden barrels for a time to devote to the production of spirits. Try the various exotic drinks made with sugarcane liquor and sugar by-products such as molasses. You may want to buy some to take home for you or as a gift.



Day 04:
Enjoy a full breakfast before starting the rafting tour on the Amazon River. It is an exciting and safe activity that allows you to paddle on the largest river and take a side excursion to the flooded jungle or the small tributaries of the Amazon River. Silently contemplate the richness of nature slowly and without the noise that scares away animals and birds.

Return to the Lodge for lunch and return to the city. After lunch, depending on your flight schedule, transfer to the city of Iquitos and according to your departure, transfer to the airport

Hotels included on this tour:
Heliconia Lodge
Questions & Answers

What time does this tour depart from Puerto Maldonado and arrive back in?

Arriving by bus?

  • For people arriving by bus we start at 8:30 a.m  departing from our office in Puerto Maldonado

Arriving by Plane?

  • The first plane arriving to Puerto Maldonado is around 10:00 am and the last plane arrives at 4 p.m , so our first group will start the tour around 11:20
  • For peope arriving later than 12:00 pm we will start tour around 1:00 p.m, for LATAM  airlines arriving at 4:00 p.m we will start thetour as soon as posible

Already in Puerto Maldonado?

  • For people that are already in a hotel the pick up will be around 8:00 a.m and start tour at 8:30 a.m approximately


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What to bring for a 3 days jungle tour?

Amazon Rainforest  suggested list excursion

  • 1 Backpack rain cove
  • Mesh laundry bag
  • Toiletry bag with hygiene essentials
  • one quart largemouth water bottles (we will provide you with water so you can refill it any time)
  • Small headlamp with a L.E.D. bulb & extra batteries
  • 1 pair or  water shoes ( We will provide you with rubber boots at Jungle Lodge)
  • Chaco o Teva type sandals
  • 2 bottle of DEET bug repellent
  • 1 bottle of sun screen (waterproof)
  • Clothing
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 1 bathing suits
  • 1 shorts
  • 1 rain jacket or plastic poncho
  • 1 long sleeve shirts
  • 3 short sleeve shirts
  • 1 sweatshirts or sweaters
  • wide brim hat

Pocket size English/Spanish dictionary
Guide book for Peru (lonely planet, rough guide, or similar) At least 1 novel  to read
Optional Gear:

  • 1 set Gore-Tex (or similar waterproof breathable material) pants and jacket storm gear
  • Watch with alarm
  • snorkel, fins, mask
  • approach or summer hiking boot
  • Sunglasses
  • digital camera
Useful things to know before you go

Currencies accepted:

  • S/. Sol
  • $/. Dollar


There are no vaccines required to enter Peru.  If you decide to take medicines. These are suggested indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel.

    Recommended for Peru. Normally 2 months before travel.
  • For RABIES
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 1 month before travel.
    Recommended for Peru. Normally 10 days before travel.


  • Depending on the accommodation in the jungle, electricity hours are limited during the day, most hotels offer several hours in the evening, usually until 10 pm, allowing travelers to charge their personal items.
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