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Iquitos airport and flights

The International Airport of Iquitos Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta, is the airport that serves the City of Iquitos, capital of Loreto, Peru. It is considered one of the main airports in Peru. located 7 km (4.5 miles) southwest of downtown Iquitos. It has a track of 2,500 meters that rests in a plain near the Nanay River. It is administered by Aeropuertos del PerĂº, who achieved the concession in 2006, and receives more than 800,000 people per year. There are also several companies at the airport that operate small planes and flight services to almost anywhere in the Amazon.
There are iperu modules, Information and Tourist Assistance, located in the Arrivals Hall. There, information material is distributed about the main tourist destinations of Iquitos, the Peruvian Amazon and Peru in general, as well as the recommended companies, reference prices and tips. This office also receives complaints and suggestions.
There are airlines such as ATSA, Avianca Peru, LATAM Peru, LC Peru, Peruvian Airlines and Star Peru. It is the main air terminal of the Peruvian Amazon, which receives daily direct commercial flights from Lima. Additionally, only in season the airport receives flights from the Colombian city of Leticia and the Brazilian city of Manaus. It is used mainly as a connecting point for several small towns, villages and other locations in the jungle.
The information of arrivals and departures during the 24 hours can be obtained directly and in real time from the website of the airport in CORPAC.

Tips after the Arrival:
Before leaving the plane. The first thing you should do is go to the luggage collection sector of the airport.
Once you arrive at the public area, check the available Public Transportation means or look at the signs with names that some people hold (if you have hired a private service and they are waiting for you).
If you are a passenger with a disability, coordinate your trip at least 48 hours before with your airline and check the facilities for Special Passengers that the airport provides.
Transportation between the airport and the city is done by means of taxis and motorcycle taxis of Peruvian style. For safety it is advisable to take only taxis and motor taxis from registered companies or associations that are ready to leave the arrivals hall
Arriving by boat is an option only for those with the luxury of having enough time and patience. It takes around a week when the river is high and 3-4 days in the dry season. to reach the capital city of Loreto upstream along the Amazon from Pucallpa or Yurimaguas. To travel to Colombia or Brazil by boat, your best bet is on a river cruise. The port of Iquitos, Puerto Masusa, is about 3 km north of the Plaza de Armas.
f you come by boat from Yurimaguas (5 days), Pucallpa (6-7 days), Leticia or Tabatinga (both 3 days), you will arrive at Puerto Masusa.
There are small collective buses in the area that will go to places like the airport, Bellavista or Lake Quistococha. This is how most people move in Iquitos.
The three-wheeled motorcycles, which look like the Thai tuk-tuks, fill every street in Iquitos and far surpass the cars. Approximately one dollar per trip to any part of the city. And they are everywhere.

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