Cusco to Tambopata by bus

December 30, 2017

Cusco to Tambopata by bus
Puerto Maldonado is easily accessible through daily flights from Lima, Cusco and connections.
Always considering as the origin of the route to the city of Lima, the air route can be covered by several commercial airlines (Star Peru, Peruvian Airlines, Avianca and Latam) that offer flights with a stop in Cusco and of approximate duration of an hour and a half (without consider the waiting time in Cusco) to Puerto Maldonado.
Transportation by Bus to Puerto Maldonado connects with cities in southern Peru through the Interoceanic Highway, a transcontinental and international highway that links Brazil and Peru. The trip by land is another wonder, it takes approximately 20 hours between Cusco and Lima and 10 hours from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. Leaving Lima in a southerly direction, along the Pan-American Highway, passing through places like Ica, the National Reserve of Paracas, the Nazca culture traced on the land lines that form large figures such as the monkey, the spider, the pelican, hand, hummingbird, astronaut, etc. but this can only be seen flying in small planes. Then, leaving the desert behind, the Pampa Galeras National Reserve is a unique place where you can see the vicuñas and guanacos, wild species of South American camelids, llamas and alpacas domesticated by the Inca culture. Then we reach the formation of the Apurimac Canyon, one of the deepest on the planet, we continue the trip to Cusco. From here on the South Interoceanic Highway, which crosses the geography of the Andes, with large snowy peaks visible during the route, the largest is the Ausangate of 6,357 meters above sea level, recognized as an Andean deity, to descend to Puerto Maldonado is crossed by the Pirhuayani pass at 4,715 meters above sea level to leave behind the mountain range and approach the jungle through the city of Marcapata. Where are its famous medicinal thermal waters. From Puerto Maldonado you can continue to Iñapari on the border with Brazil (286 km – 4 hours by car) and then continue to Rio Branco (581 km – 9 hours by car).

Throughout the tour you will find all kinds of services for the traveler. It is good to consult in advance what will be available specifically in certain sections. The trip can be made in private vehicle, either owned or rented, as well as by bus, since several companies offer the service, some of them are: Cial, Civa, Ormeño, Cruz del Sur, Movil Tours, Tepsa, etc. Another option is to hire a minivan service with a driver.

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